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TDOT SmartWay Mobile App Support Page


The Map

The app opens with a map of where you are. Tap refresh map to get updated traffic information and current location to locate your current position. You can toggle the following information on and off the map:

Tap one of these icons to see a summary of an incident/event or a thumbnail of a camera view.:

check speed To check traffic speed.

incidents For incidents.

camera To view traffic cameras.

construction To learn about construction areas.

road conditions For reported road conditions.

message board To read text on an overhead message board.

The map also displays a notice when an Amber Alert has been issued.

Traffic Cameras

traffic cameraTap a camera icon to see the latest image from that camera. From there, you can add a camera to your Favorites. Your Favorites are displayed in a list, so you can skip the map and view them by simply tapping the preview images in the Favorites list. The image will refresh each time you tap it from the map or the list.

About Route Notifications

route notificationsRoute Notifications will send you notification of an incident or event along a route that you have specified and saved. There are two types of routes: a particular interstate or road in a particular county, and a route with a start address and an end address. For the route that you set and save, you choose which notificaitons to receive and the time frame in which to receive them. You might have a route saved for going to work that is only notifying you from 6:30 a.m. to 8 a..m., and a route for going home that is notifying you from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. If you have several routes saved, you can also turn on or off all notifications with one switch.

Set and Customize Your Route

Setting a County or Road Route

  • Tap to add new notification and give it a name.
  • Choose a county and/or a road. At least one is required, but you can choose both.
  • Enter time time frame for notifications on this route.
  • Turn on notifications for incidents, construction, or road conditions.
  • Save the route.
  • This type of route cannot be customized.

Setting a Route with a Start Address and End Address

  • Tap to add new notification and give it a name.
  • Enter a starting address.
  • Enter the end address.
  • Save the route.
  • Tap the route name to view the route on a map.

nearmeCustomizing a Route with a Start Address and End Address

  • Tap the route name to view the route on a map.
  • To modify the route shown, tap add pin and drop the pin where you want the route to go. You may have to zoom in quite close in order to get it exactly where you want it. Also, for certain roads, you will want to click the correct side. Unlike routing the start to end addresses, when you customize, the app doesn't know where you are headed with the modification, and the results can be strange. Zooming in will help with accuracy.
  • To remove a pin, tap remove pin and tap the pin to remove.
  • Refresh map. If you have multiple pins, you can tap refresh pin to reload the map after each pin, or at the end.
  • Save the modified route.

Traffic Speed

nearmeThis view will display level of congestion on the roads on the map. Green is normal speed, yellow is slow, and red is really slow. Tap one of the indicators to see the average miles per hour at that location.


nearmeNearMe displays incidents, construction, and road conditions that are up to 100 miles from your current position. The events are listed by less than 10 miles away and more than 10 miles away. You can choose which events to display.

If you have questions, contact the Help Desk at (615) 313-0300 or 1-866-8TN-EGOV