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How to navigate the new Google mapping for TDOT SmartWay

We have a new look to our TDOT SmartWay maps. We are now using Google Maps to provide the latest motorist information across Tennessee.

New Maps and Images --- With these new maps, you can easily select the size of area where you want to receive motorist information. With Google mapping you now have zoom in and zoom out capabilities. Using the menu at the left, you may choose views by county or statewide. Familiar Google buttons on the right allow you to view either maps, satellite images or terrain mapping.

Menu -- In the left menu, you will see check boxes. They are: incidents, construction, cameras, message signs, road conditions and traffic flow. These boxes allow you to select the specific traffic information you want to view. The respective symbols appear to the right of each menu item.

Cursor Usage -- A text box appears as you move your cursor over an incident or construction symbol. It gives a basic description of what is occurring at the location. This text box will remain in view as long as you hold the cursor over the symbol. If you move your cursor over a camera symbol, a static camera image is visible. Click to get a larger image. By clicking again on the larger image, a box to orient the user is visible.