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TDOT SmartWay

LogoTDOT SmartWay is housed in Transportation Management Centers (TMCs). Traffic cameras are controlled from the TMC. There are two TMC locations:

  • TDOT Region 4 Boswell Campus in Memphis
  • TDOT Region 3 campus in Nashville
  • TDOT Region 1 campus in Knoxville

Features of the two-story TMC building include:

  • 16,000 square feet
  • 2,000 square foot Operations Control Room
  • Conference Room
  • 23 offices, including the HELP Program and Incident Management offices, TMC operations team and traffic engineering personnel.
  • Media Room with outside TV hookups
Exterior Photo of TDOT's Transportation Management Center.
The exterior of TDOT's Transportation Management Center.
Photo of Transportation Management Center's Control Room.
From this room, transportation professionals monitor cameras along Nashville's interstates for incidents that could create traffic problems.  This immediate view helps provide better response to incidents and better information for travelers.